Finding Solutions Together

21 Feb

by Jose Morales

BEHIND THE EUPHORIA brought by Noynoy Aquino’s ascent to the presidency is a renewed hope for

us Filipinos. Fate had been unkind to informal settlers in recent administrations, particularly under Joseph Estrada and

Gloria Arroyo. Massive evictions and demolitions rendered thousands of families homeless. The lack of clear

relocation resulted in their further impoverishment, both economically and psychologically. But we have

learned to fight for our rights. As the saying goes, we “never say die!”

After entering into a covenant with our sector, we pinned our hopes on President Aquino and volunteered

to campaign for him. We are now at a new chapter of our struggle, and we cannot afford to merely wait for the president

 to deliver the changes he promised to implement. We are called to help him in developing strategies that will solve our problems without compromising our basic rights as human persons. In the process, we should always be re- minded that we also have the right to

the fruits of development which we help bring in society as “workforce of the cities.”

As we expect dramatic changes under the new government, we should be proactive in protecting and fighting for

our rights. Let us continue the fight!


Jose Morales is the president of ULAP, a federation of organized communities based in river easements.



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